About Me and Tips from HR

Hello there 🙂

Thank you for visiting my blog Tips from HR. My name is Kaylie Mazza, your HR friend. I have 6+ years of experience in the field of Talent Acquisition and Human Resources. I have worked in the IT and CPG industries over these 6+ years. I currently am a Manager of Talent Acquisition at the largest beauty company in the world.

What my job title means to those who are unfamiliar with Talent Acquisition – I am the first line of defense for job seekers. I am the one who reviews candidates’ applications and resumes, handles the first round of interviews, prepares candidates for their interviews with the hiring team, and manages offers and negotiations.

So as one might be able to tell, throughout my career, I have gained valuable HR knowledge that may help experienced job seekers, employees, and even students (both high school and college).

This brings me to why I started this blog 😁. I have seen countless sources of information created to “help” the job seeker and business professional but most of this content is only created as what some would call “click-bait”. The majority of this content is shared by people with zero experience in the field of HR or is second-hand information being shared for the “shock” factor that we all know leads to more online interaction, followers, and $$$. Now I am not saying that every person out there creating TikTok videos or LinkedIn posts are liars, there are people like myself who do share genuine information with the intent to help; however, it is not easy for the regular person to cipher out which sources are factual and which are just made for clicks. That is where I come in. This blog is going to be a place for me to share my own knowledge and expertise as well as expelling some myths I see circling the internet.

For more information about my background, I invite you to look at my LinkedIn and connect with me there!