Resume Tips

10 Resume DOs

  1. Use a professional font (ex: Times New Roman)
  2. Start off with an executive summary and skills.
  3. Keep resumes simple but use full sentences.
  4. Keep it to 1 – 2 pages long.
  5. Use bullet points and include specific KPIs/numbers/accomplishments
  6. Include your education and any other certifications.
  7. Proofread !!!
  8. Make sure your resume reads from back to front.
  9. Have multiple versions of your resume.
  10. Make sure any current work is described in the current tense and any past experiences are in the past tense.

10 Resume DON’Ts

  1. Do not include hobbies at the bottom, save this for your recruiter conversation.
  2. Do not add too many colors or fonts as this will make it hard to read.
  3. Do no just sprinkle “buzz words” or copy and paste wording from the job description into to the resume.
  4. Do not put graphics.*
  5. Do not make the format complex.
  6. Do not speak in the first person and use “I” in the resume.
  7. Do not lie and put qualifications on there that you do not have, it will always come out in the background check.
  8. Do not include all your experience dating back to high school/college.**
  9. Do not put your full address – only include your town, state or general work area.
  10. Do not use big words to “impress” the reader.

* the only exception to number 4 is if you are in a creative role like graphic design or fashion. You might want to showcase some of your creativity but keep it minimal. You should add a portfolio to the resume or application instead.

** The exception to number 8 is if you are an entry-level candidate, or a recent HS or College Grad. Then it is ok to include this but as you gain more experience omit the older exp. If you have many years of exp, generally only include the last 5-8 years of exp and put at the bottom something like this “Previous Experience Available Upon Request”. Most background checks only ask for the past 7 years of experience anyway so follow this general rule of thumb on your resume as well but share with recruiters and the hiring team that you have more.

Here is a great Youtube video for extra information!

I do not own this video – this is from Resume Genius that I think has a great message.

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